A Personal Worst that’s not really a “worst” at all

I ran the GoodLife Fitness Victoria Half Marathon today in 2:21:09, a “Personal Worst.”

I am just fine with that – it was my goal in fact, because I am feeling uninjured and wonderful and I have a medal to mark another accomplishment. I know I can go out there undertrained and in the midst of a major life change and finish a challenging distance race with a smile on my face.

That’s huge.

I know my limits and my abilities and I’m so damn thankful that I have my health. Any day above ground is a supreme gift.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!



One thought on “A Personal Worst that’s not really a “worst” at all

  1. Keith Flint

    I appreciate your openness to this experience. Your true accomplishment is an awareness that few will ever know. I find your honesty refreshing and your insights deep. I admire all of it. I think your PW is worth celebrating.

    Kind regards,

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