Doing the right thing

I’ve been doing a lot of swimming these days.

Last week I was in the market for new swim goggles and silicon earplugs. I had lost my goggles somewhere, and they were the best ones I had ever used, so I needed to replace that exact brand and model.

Triathlon Swim Start by GasMunkySaanich Commonwealth Place (where I do most of my swimming) has a good swim shop. I selected a set of earplugs, but was having trouble finding the right goggles. There I was, peering at their selection, then digging in my swim bag to find the case for the old ones, just to make sure I got the exact same model. (Yes, they are that good. They are seriously comfortable, leak-free, fog-free goggles: AquaSphere Kaiman. Try them out if you’re in the market for swim gear.)

I asked the staff person for help. She couldn’t find that model either, so she offered to go look in the back. No luck. So I said thanks and left the store, on my way to the other really good swim shop downtown: HTO. There I found the goggles I wanted.

In among all this searching I forgot all about earplugs, but when I got home I discovered a new set in my bag. OMIGOSH I had taken earplugs form SCP without paying! Guilt! Shame! However, rather than drive all the way back to SCP, I decided to pay the next time I was there and the shop was open.

So today after swim practice I went to the shop and explained what had happened, and handed over my $5.50 for the purloined plugs. Transaction done, the staff member disappeared into a back office and I paused in the hallway looking at my phone. Presently there was a tap on my shoulder; it was the staff member.

“Thanks for doing that. You didn’t have to. Here, have two free passes for the facility,” she said, pressing two passes into my hand.

Photo: “What a Swim” by GasMunky, used with permission via Creative Commons license.