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Instructions for a kick-ass Halloween bike class


  • One (1) Hallowe’en playlist (found in my Workout Music section).
  • Two (2) Greater Victoria YMCA Freewheel (spin-type bike class) volunteer instructors; one carrying candy and wearing huge bear suit  (John Kelley), the other working the music (me).
  • Seventeen (or so) participants to fill up all the bikes.

Mix together. Whoop it up for 40 minutes. Sweat like crazy. Repeat every Hallowe’en.


  • Make sure you work out how to do the Time Warp on the bike BEFORE trying to lead it in a full class.
  • To get the bear-suit wearing guy to keep the costume on the entire class, bribe him. Several of us agreed to donate $10 each to the YMCA if he did it. Mission accomplished.
  • When in doubt, throw more candy at the class participants.

I’m teaching the one-hour version Sunday morning Oct 31. It’s your last chance until next year to get in on the fun! (Alas, John and his bear suit won’t be there, and I’m not putting that thing on now. Ew.)

Playlist here.


What would a CommPunk look like?

What would it mean to be a communications punk? Is that even possible? Is the entire profession too established to even consider proposing a radical re-invention?

I’ve always referred to myself as a journalist-turned-“mercenary.” Since my brief career as a journalist, what have I as a communications practitioner contributed to the world? The “eduskunk” I work with insists my work is valued and welcomed, which helps, and the only direction to move is forward.

What if someone started trying to transform Communications? Is there a “CommPunk” movement akin to the “EduPunk?” Or is citizen journalism/blogging/social media altering the landscape enough as it is – pulling the corporate communicators along?

What does open content mean for communications practitioners? What would have to change in public relations, internal communications, media relations, stakeholder and client relations – in order to bring the ideals of democratic, share-alike community-building to a profession reviled for being simply “spin?”

Something tells me I’m in the right place to find some answers to those questions. Here is the Twitter exchange between me and my boss today at the Northern Voice blogging conference:

it was a rhetorical question-mostly