They can't all be good runs

or .. I really regret not eating more than two cookies, a Bounty and some veggie soup yesterday

marathon runner

Marathon Runner Tori. Hard to believe this was only three weeks ago - RVM 2009

I bonked during my run this morning. Just as I finished my warm up.

I ran down Cook St to Dallas Rd, then headed over to Moss, intending to finish the w/u along the flat and straight, then go right into the hill workout when Moss starts to climb.

Instead, I walked home after about 20 minutes into my run, completely out of gas, cursing silently and outlining the reasons why: chief among them the fact that I ran my first marathon three weeks ago. Michael warned me something like this might happen — it takes 3-4 weeks to recover fully from a 42.2 km race.

But my atrocious nutrition the day before (see above) had a lot to do with it too.

Now I sit with my oatmeal in hand and my feet in ice water, vowing to grab a super-veggie burrito from Hernandez’ for lunch, enjoy a drink after work with a friend, and try for the hills on the weekend.