about me

You name it; I’ve done it when it comes to the communications profession. I’ve mixed two decades of experience into my inkwell: media relations, issues management, internal communications, board, government, and stakeholder relations. (Please see my profile on LinkedIn for my professional cv.)Tori Klassen

My first love however, was broadcasting.  The voice – the spoken word – that’s where the written word comes alive. That’s where persuasion happens.

I’ve worked for a political party, two Internet service providers, a small town newspaper, a charitable organization, government, post-secondary administration. As you can tell, I thrive on diversity.

My latest passion lies at the intersection of leadership, strategic planning, and organization design.Two decades after completing my MA in the social sciences, I returned to higher education to earn a Graduate Certificate in Organization Design and Development from Royal Roads University.

I’ve benefitted from strong leaders and mentors so aim to be an inspiring leader and mentor to others. I’ve led teams and enjoy being the coach, empowering people, leading them through change and the watching them grow and succeed.

I’m creative, analytical and collaborative. I am available for:

  • change management projects
  • facilitating business systems transformation
  • team building and leadership development
  • strategic planning and goal setting

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