Finally, a running post

Well, a not-running post. I did 5k this morning and it tired me out.

In a word: injuries. Plantar fasciitis, recurring toe-joint problems, SI joint pain. Wrenched my back a week ago trying to get back to the weight room.

Too hard, too fast, too eager, too impatient.

Repeat ad nauseum.

I long to just go out and do 20k. I wish I was training for at least a half-marathon, but I’m sidelined by more than just injuries. I’ve got a lot going on, a long list of things in my life that need fixing .. just getting in regular exercise is a challenge these days.

But, I keep plugging away. One thing at a time. One day at a time.


3 thoughts on “Finally, a running post

  1. Scott Stauffer

    Wow… Might I suggest that you get back to running with a little more control. I recommend the Runmeter iPhone app, then take the Vancouver Sun Run 13 Week Training plan (okay, 13 weeks might be a little to lazy for an ex-runner, but those injuries you’ve experience likely happened for a reason? 🙂 Pace yourself.

    SI joints… Restorative Yoga is always good… Good for the soul as well 😉

  2. Tori Post author

    Thanks for your comment Scott. Sorry I haven’t responded until now – I’ve been healing. You’re right, getting back to running with a little more control. I always want things to happen with the snap of a finger. I’m learning that usually doesn’t work. I’m slowly, slowly getting back to running now with aggressive treatment. I’m thinking of writing again too. I’m learning to be OK with progress, not perfection.

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