I’m still here, just not on Facebook anymore

UPDATE (May 2017): I did re-join Facebook, after completing my Graduate Certificate, for a simple reason: to keep in touch with friends and family. But I certainly have a better relationship with social media now than I did before….


I deleted my Facebook account, but I probably could have written this post before I did that.

My first clue was through my partner, Ken, who was messaging with his daughter living in Australia. “Did Tori unfriend me on Facebook?”

“No, of course not. She just deleted her Facebook account.”

Then this morning it was a friend and classmate from my cohort in the program I’m taking at Royal Roads University.

“Did you block me on Facebook?” she texted, after inviting me for coffee. After explaining how I would’t do that, and that I had dropped my account, she offered: “I guess knowing that you are a comms person I was doubting you had shut it down…” I guess I didn’t manage that change very well!

Indeed, Facebook is an important marketing tool I need to be aware of, but for the past three years I haven’t been the one with my hands on social media accounts at work; and although I keep up with the latest news, I no longer use it for work on a daily basis, except to dip in and monitor regularly. And, at work, we have a social media management tool for that.

I ditched my FB account because work, studying, taking care of myself and my family, cooking, exercising, reading books, they all are more important to me. I have 202 books on my Goodreads “Want To Read” list alone – not to mention the lists I have in Trello, Notes, and my low-tech paper journal. Facebook was, in my humble assessment, taking away from all that rather than adding to it. Also, my privacy is important to me (see below).

I’m still on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, even though I have scaled back my involvement with them over the past two years. They don’t seem to be as “addictive” as Facebook was for me, although I find myself scrolling through Instagram a lot more recently. I am aware there are still a great deal of privacy concerns with them, too. I will keep reviewing and assessing my participation in all social media.

Who knows, it may mean I’ll write here more often.

In the meantime, here are some books/articles I found (not via social media, actually – but rather through my RSS feed) that contributed to my decision: