Open Gov West 2010 – Chris Rasumussen’s keynote

Chris Rasmussen presented on the U.S. government’s Intellipedia – here are some initial rough notes to contribute to the blog:

  • “Too many different tools & systems among gov agencies.” — (We’re facing that within an agency of only 26 people!)
  • Kinda stuck on the analytics side. Posting minutes and large docs on wikis os not what the US population asked for with legislation to allow open govt
  • We can finally create a living version – collapse arms into joint forces “purple intelligence” — that’s the vision but Chris is stuck getting there
  • The official voice matters – a convo on Twitter – how do you verify it as an official entity?
  • (We’re finding the same thing with Open Education Resources – people reluctant to use them if they’re not articulated and credentialed…)
  • Why can’t social network/wiki stuff be used as the official agency voice against the crowdsourced work flow?
  • Records retention system, etc. — Must answer the objections. “Be bold” is getting old, its not structurally redefining our business yet.
  • Unless your open gov wiki stuff changes the core way government works you’re going to hit a wall and get stuck like intellipedia did.
  • (I relate this to trying to set up a more cohesive Client Management System in my own small organization … it has to be incorporated into the work flow.)
  • How long are we going to spin the “change takes time” and “training” cliché??
  • Agencies: you’re going to have to give up the outcomes and not control the process end to end. Chris is not seeing indications that agencies want to do that – that’s where they’re stuck.
  • We’re now talking about saving money and rationalizing – people’s jobs at stake – can’t achieve enterprise 2.0 success and then get stuck on people worried about turf-saving and job-preserving.
  • Love/hate relationships – even people who make lots of changes to Intellipedia have the “Let’s not say things we can’t take back” syndrome.
  • This course trajectory might hit any internal environment.
  • (Yes Chris, it most certainly does!)

7 thoughts on “Open Gov West 2010 – Chris Rasumussen’s keynote

  1. Tori Post author

    Thanks tons! It was an incredibly useful presentation and it was nice to put a human face on at least one small part of the US Intelligence community!

  2. Chris Rasmussen

    Tori – I’m glad you found utility and transferability from this presentation. The structure and language of the intelligence business is so esoteric and can be hard to follow from the outside looking.

  3. Tori Post author

    Well Chris, many of us have read enough spy novels and seen enough movies that we’re willing to hang in there until we get it! With much of the audience in bureaucracies with esoteric languages of their own, your presentation was definitely “scalable.” Thanks for coming to Victoria to join us, I hope you enjoyed your stay.

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