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My once-yearly, you know I’m good for it, and I’m really sincere fundraising ask

Little known fact about me: several years ago I thought I might like to be a Victoria Hospice volunteer, and I signed up for an information session and tour to see if it might be a good fit for me to go on and take the training.

20140206-082914.jpgIf I’ve already convinced you to donate, just skip to my fundraising page: bit.ly/ToriRide and leave a donation. If not, please read on …

Turns out it wasn’t right for me at that time, but my eyes were opened to what Hospice care means for terminally ill people and their families. I saw first hand the importance of hospice facilities and care, the unique requirements involved, the dedication of the staff and volunteers. After experiencing the loss of family members myself, I am astonished (in a good way) at the strength, caring, and courage of people who work to make someone’s last days and hours more comfortable.

Those who know me, know I’m not one to throw a bucket of ice on my head and post the video on YouTube (more power to those who do!), but I do like to help my preferred charities in other ways.

This year, I’m riding my bike for 60 kilometres to raise money for Victoria Hospice on September 7. My team (Team Blood, Sweat, and Gears) has set ourselves a modest goal of raising $250. It won’t take much to meet that goal, and that’s why I’m asking for a little bit of help from my friends.

It goes all the way up to 11

It goes all the way up to 11

You know I only go to the well (my friends and family) at most once per year. You know I only raise funds for organizations I’m personally involved with in some way, doing good work in the community. I believe wholeheartedly in the work of the Victoria Hospice. Won’t you help me reach my team fundraising goal today? I won’t ask you again. Not even at Christmastime!

Just a $10 donation will help. Twenty or more would be better, but $10 is all I ask. It only takes a minute: bit.ly/ToriRide. And you have my gratitude. If you donate $50 though, you have my gratitude and an invitation to our next dinner party. 🙂

I’m only asking once, so please head over to bit.ly/ToriRide and get out your credit card.




How the TICgame was won

By now you’ve heard I won the TICgame – a social media contest run by Victoria startup TicTalking.com to draw attention to their goal of putting social networks to work in making the world a better place.

The winner was the person who was able to garner the most attention and influence among his or her social networks by using the hashtag #TICgame. The prize was either $500 cash for yourself or $2,000 to a charity of your choice.

This was a brilliant campaign because it spotlighted exactly why social media is perfectly set up for social good: the winner could not possibly have won by keeping the cash.

It was impossible to to win TICgame as an individual, it was only possible by being social, by donating the prize. Not one of the finalists in TICgame said they would keep the cash for themselves. We were all playing for a cause.

Think about it: what if I had asked my friends on Twitter and Facebook and my blog readers/viewers to spread the word about TICgame because I wanted $500 for myself?


I have a good job and a good life, I don’t need my friends to help me win some cash for myself. Everyone else would have been tweeting, facebooking and blogging the same thing on their own behalf.

As soon as you throw social good into the mix? That’s a whole ‘nother story. Suddenly the story becomes one of helping others, of being in the community, of contributing to something larger than ourselves. (I played on behalf of my friend Emmet’s Ride to Conquer Cancer.)

That said, I get the bragging rights that I was able to get the most people to tell and re-tell my “social good.” It was fun, I got a little bit of individual recognition, and now I know more about the Rocky Point Bird Observatory (@24kjer, 2nd place in #TICgame), the Nanaimo Hospice (@ninjameg, 3rd place), the Red Cross’s work in Haiti (@rickymunday, 4th place) and children’s autism research (@socialholycow, 5th place).

Kudos to TicTalking for so pointedly telling the world what they’re all about via TICgame, and thanks to Liquor Plus (@discovertheplus) and my friend Rod Phillips (@Rod_Phillips) for sponsoring the cash.