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The best moments are unscripted

Tonight I invited my daughter (age 19), her boyfriend (age 21) and my son (age 24) and our dog Sophie (who lives with my son) over to trim the tree. My vision was a peaceful evening listening to A Charlie Brown Christmas and other favourites while putting up the decorations.

Christmas tree 2013

The young adult energy had something different planned. First, daughter and boyfriend didn’t arrive until almost 8, by which time my son was ensconced in front of Netflix watching the U.K. version of The Office. Then, the soundtrack for the evening became YouTube videos of A Peter Griffin Christmas and Kevin Bloody Wilson holiday songs. (Google them yourself, I won’t link to them from here!)

The only thing to do was to be so utterly grateful for their presence and their joie de vivre.

I did manage to call for a moment of quiet when we put up the angel – I’ve had her ever since the first Christmas after I lost Sarah.

It’s a cute little tree, not very big, but it’s ours and it was decorated with love by me, Mary, Cam and Aidan.