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The first rule of online marketing

Never, ever, ever, never, ever, EVER, I mean EVER “throw something online just so I can say I have a web site.”


Your web site is your face to the world. Do you really want just anything up there, just because it’s the thing to have? Even if you haven’t thought it through, or researched your options?

These are things I ponder while still awake after Social Media Camp has ended for another year, and have just spent a couple of hours re-jigging a dear friend’s web presence. It’s something every presenter at the conference left unsaid, because we all thought it didn’t need to be said. But it does – oh indeed it does need to be said: the first rule of online marketing …

It’s better to have no web site at all, than a bad web site.

“Something” is NOT better than nothing.

Truth is, you don’t have “nothing” just because you don’t have a web site. A web site and a social media presence are just tools – many presenters the past two days said that, including closing keynote presenter CC Chapman.

You DO have your professional and personal reputation, built over years (even decades) of hard work and hard-won experience. You DO have a solid network of contacts.

A hastily thrown-up web site that doesn’t reflect your strengths can drag down that reputation within a nanosecond of a prospective client laying eyes on it. A bad web site is a vortex of lost opportunities.

Let’s say your reputation is a highly-tuned Ducati humming along at optimum speed, able to take any corner with grace. You are a rider, but not a mechanic. Something goes wrong with your Ducati’s engine. Do you try and get back on the road with chewing gum, twine and a piece of duct tape you picked up at Canadian Tire? No, you might wreck that expensive gear, costing thousands of dollars and time lost. Your precious moto is worth trusting to a professional who understands what makes that distinctive Ducati hum.

If you have “something, anything” online right now that is not portraying the best of who you are (i.e. has not been edited or polished by someone who knows their way around a content management system) then your best bet is to take it down before any further damage can be done. Then call a professional who can get your reputation back hugging the curves again.