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A letter to NYRs at the gym

To New Year’s Resolution-ers at the gym and on the trails:

We regulars see you come every year. You crowd the gym/trail, make our lives a little more inconvenient for about 3 weeks, and then you disappear. It’s not that we don’t want you to get fit, it’s just that we see this EVERY SINGLE YEAR – you’re here for a while, then you’re gone, back to your old habits.

My wish for you is that you stick with your resolutions and keep coming to the gym. Start slow. Learn the etiquette. Don’t expect results immediately. Be in it for the long haul – stick with it.

Get to know us regulars, maybe we can help. After all, many of us were once in your shoes.

All the best in 2013,

Tori, the one swimming in circles in the lane, tapping your foot to pass, like you’re supposed to.


Injury status: back on the bench

I have plantar fasciitis and have been off training ever since May this year. I missed running the Vancouver marathon, moved back to Victoria, finally got my act together and budgeted for the recovery help I need to get over this most persistent and vexing injury for runners, nurses or anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet.Blue bench

I have been at the registered massage therapist’s each week for a couple of months now. Luckily Rob the Sadist – er – my RMT – specializes in injuries like mine, but I realize why I was so hesitant to get into serious treatment: the sessions are painful and exhausting – and Rob just smiles and talks all through it. (I can’t believe I pay him to hurt me like that, and why does he seem to be enjoying it? A*hole.). I’m scheduled to get fitted for new orthotics today. I’m stretching my calf muscles and my foot flexors every day – on some days I have to stretch them before I get out of bed so I can walk without a limp, which kind of sucks because I usually have a big huge mug of tea before bedtime. (0_0)

I’ve started biking and swimming to keep up my fitness, planting dreams of triathlons in my head. I recently started back (tentatively) running again on treadmill and trail.

However, it seems like it’s two feet forward, one painful step back with this injury. After last weekend’s 5k trail run I benched myself from running and biking for a couple of weeks and I’m doubling down on the swimming and stretching. Maybe I’ll add some yoga and strength training too – lord knows I need it.

I’m trying not to get discouraged, because I did have this same injury (on the other foot) about ten years ago and was off completely for 6-7 months, and returned stronger than ever. I channeled my energies into becoming a volunteer spin instructor. Now though, I’m ten years older and I’m not as far along as I hoped I’d be after 6 months of no training.

I was planning on the UBC triathlon in March 2013 – the Olympic distance. However recovery has been so stop-and-go that I’m aiming for the sprint distance instead, and I’m waiting until the last moment to register. Just in case.

As with all things – it’s important to let the healing process happen and not try to rush it.

Of course by March I’ll be out of money for weekend trips to the mainland anyway. I’ll have contributed my spare cash to Rob’s cute little daughter’s college fund.

But if it gets me back on my running legs pain-free again, it will be worth it.