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The joy of bike mechanics

I’m at bike school again – Missing Link Bike School. Last week Craig Toker, mechanic extraordinaire and proprietor, offered former students a helluva deal to jump into the 21-hour overhaul course after he had some cancellations.
Last night I replaced my rear bearings. My bike is a little finicky so, without a vice grip, it took more than a dozen adjustments and three mounts before I got the rear hub balanced properly. Once I finally did, it was like reaching the summit of a climb. So satisfying! Tonight, I true my wheels.
Needless to say, doing three hours mechanical tinkering after a full day at the office is exhausting, but I just love it. The time flies by. Fiddling with tools and grease and learning everything anew (it’s easier the second time around) is a great way to shake off a day spent at the computer.
I don’t have a second career as a bike mechanic. (Unless there really is a zombie apocalypse and everyone needs to learn a trade again – in that case I’m well set up. What – you haven’t read World War Z yet?) Then again — a bike mechanic/novel writer might be a great combination …