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Runner’s block

“Go big or go home” is not really working for me right now. I’d rather go home.

I keep reading about people’s running: someone’s training for Boston, or an ultra, or an Ironman, and I think “I want to do all those things, but here I am signed up for a puny little Half Marathon again this spring.”

I can’t get excited training for it. I haven’t been interested in training since my SI joint injury just after the marathon last May. It still doesn’t feel quite right, and I can’t even get excited about running most of the time. I haven’t adjusted to running life in Vancouver very well.

fatigued runnerI miss running in Victoria. I miss having kilometres of beautiful coastline within minutes of my home.

I miss having trails an easy 20 minute drive (or less) away.

I miss having a challenging tree-lined hill workout in my own neighbourhood.

I miss having training buddies who run at my training pace.

I miss daylight. Maybe it will get better in spring. Maybe I should bring running gear to work and run the seawall at lunchtime.

I know I need to exercise every day, and I manage to get a few workouts in per week. Maybe that’s enough for now. After all, I just moved. Chris just moved in with me. I just want to sit in my cosy apartment with my fireplace going and have a glass of wine with my new neghbours and friends.

Maybe I should just give myself a break. Lean into it, and see what happens.

This too shall pass.

Photo by robswatski used under Creative Commons license


Bring It!

Looking forward (?) to tonight’s first “official”run with the Steveston Athletic Association training for the BMO Half Marathon in May. Rainfall warning and strong winds expected. Lovely!

I remember a question from a participant at the start of training for my first marathon in 2009: “Will we still be running if the weather is cold, windy and rainy?” to which the run leader replied with a question of her own:

“Will they cancel the race because of rain or wind?”

“Uh – no.”

“Well then, we won’t be calling off any training runs either.”

There’s a sign outside the Mountain Equipment Co-op store in Vancouver that says something like “There’s no bad weather, only bad gear.”

So I’ll be packing dry socks and an extra sweater to change into after tonight’s run, expecting my windbreaker to be soaked through to my bones after tonight’s run. I’ll also be lit up like a Christmas tree with blinking lights front and back. Dark, cold and rainy indeed.

I don’t mind the wind and the rain once I drag my ass out there. If the rain pelts down and the wind tries to knock me over I persevere by envisioning the crossing the finish line with the clock well under my goal time.

I have also been known to laugh in the face of a storm in my own version of Lieutenant Dan from Forrest Gump, shouting: “Is that all you got? C’mon, gimme more!”

After all, I know a hot shower and a dry warm bed await me tonight. It’s all a matter of perspective, passion and perseverance.



Everything’s New

Everything’s new and overwhelming. That’s my excuse.

New home, new city, new routines, truly living alone in my empty nest for the first time. I don’t even know where to begin to write about it all. So I’ll start with today.

Busker outside Granville Island Public Market

Today I finally did it: I shopped for some groceries at the Granville Island Market. I hadn’t been there since February when I took Chris there, both of us visitors, tourists.

I had told myself the first thing I wanted to do as a Vancouver resident was go to Granville Island Market as a local. It took me over a month to finally do it (well, two and a half if you count from when I actually took possession of my home).

Chestnuts roastingI wandered and lingered. I admired hats at Edie’s and notebooks and pens at Paper-Ya. I bought an umbrella, I gave coin to the buskers, I bought a bag of roasted chestnuts and some cheese curds. Then I got some vegetables and local meat, my meals for the coming week.

In my month here I have: given directions to tourists, got embroiled in the Occupy Vancouver controversy, ventured into Richmond for some of the best pho I’ve ever tasted, learned the public transit system and voted for mayor.

It’s probably going to take a little longer for it to really sink in, but I’m a Vancouverite now.