When did blogging about running become not so fresh and new?

I had a great hill run this morning. I felt strong and powerful, running in the dark with my headlamp in the light rain. I didn’t charge the hills, just tried to keep a steady pace and keep running over the top of each one.

On my way back down Rockland Avenue I realized that two years ago, when I was just getting back into running, I started blogging again because each new milestone was recorded, each blister documented and celebrated. I was like a child rediscovering a new toy.

I don’t blog so much about my running highlights anymore. I’ll post on Daily Mile and Twitter when I’ve slogged through a rainy one, or finished a grueling long one, but running 40 minutes of continuous hills is no longer blog-worthy.

When did that happen?

The fact is, whenever I have a run like this morning’s I feel renewed, like I got another chance at life. Seriously – it’s THAT GOOD. When I don’t work out I feel like something’s missing, I lose energy and I feel like a slug. So I cherish every day I can get my runners on and hit the streets or the trails.

Never fear, more running words to come.


One thought on “When did blogging about running become not so fresh and new?

  1. James

    I don’t think it’s become un-blog-worthy, just that blogging is about different things to different people. I’m all over the place, but not consistently on one platform. My blogging is pretty much what strikes my fancy. For me, I use the WordPress opportunity to play with theming and design.

    In short, I write what I want, when I want and really don’t worry if anyone reads it or finds it valuable, since it’s my own journal.

    And, I agree with the sentiment that a day without exercise leaves me feeling like something is missing.

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